Tulare Basin Flood Explorer

Welcome to the "Tulare Basin Flood Explorer" by GreenGood Labs, LLC. These maps are best viewed on a wide screen like that of a tablet, laptop or desktop monitor. 

Click here for a Mobile Friendly Version.

Select the base map of your choice by choosing from the "Map" or "Satellite" options on the top right hand corner. Click on the "Layers" button on the top right hand corner to expand it. 

Select the flood map of your choice based on date. The opacity of each of the map layers can be adjusted using the built in slider . 

The "Drainage Lines" layer shows the typical path for water to flow over the terrain, taking into account its gradient and slope.

The "Contour Lines" are color coded using a Palette - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue. Red indicates the lowest elevation and Blue the highest elevation. Zoom and Pan and interact with the map.